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Your donation to Sharing the Bounty will go directly toward the cost to raise and butcher two hogs which will be donated to 8 families throughout the year.  


Why this? 


I am passionate about food security because I myself grew up in a hungry household. Our access as children was limited to what was provided and oftentimes, it was not nutritious foods. Other times we were lucky if anything was provided at all. It is not lost on me what this struggle can do to your sense of worth and self-esteem. I can still to this day remember how the pain of an empty stomach felt as I sat through class, exhausted because my body didn't have any energy to burn, much less learn. 


Today, I have an abundance and WE have the power to share the bounty. Join me as we pull up a chair for anyone who desires to sit with us. All are welcome here. 




Click here to enter a referral for a family who could use the gift of food.

Sharing the Bounty

  • The hogs  are pure bred heritage breed old spot hogs grown right on our farm. Each family will receive approximately 35 lbs of meat.

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