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Sharing The Bounty
Accepting Donations Year Round

What are we doing?

Our immediate goal: Collect funds to help cover the costs to raise and butcher 2 hogs per year. The hogs will be given standard processing, packaged into 4 boxes with approximately 40lbs of meat each, and delivered to 8 families in our community, free of charge and straight to their freezer.

Here's some fun numbers:

The cost breakdown for one pig, which will feed 4 families from OUR farm: (this considers forage, breed, and average grow out time)

Feed for 1 piglet from about 20lbs to approximately 250lbs live weight: $150

Cost for standard butchering  for a 250lb pig: Approximately $300

Totaling : $450 per piglet

If enough funds are raised during our summer months; Farm fresh, free range  whole chicken will be added to the donations.

The real goalTo give hungry families a healthy and nutritious source of protein and help fight the battle against food insecurity and to build community with all people; those hungry and those with an abundance.

Sharing The Bounty Referral Form

Please enter your contact information, and in the message portion enter who you are referring for our pork share program. I will reach out to you for more information if needed.

In the event that we receive more referrals than available shares, we will choose on a lottery basis.

Thanks for submitting!

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