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Our Farm Class and Mobile Petting Zoo

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The Mobile Petting Zoo

Starting at $350 for the first hour and $200 for each additional hour.

Minimum reservation of 1 hr. 

$100 non-refundable deposit due at booking.

This option is ideal for Birthday Parties and Events where a structured and focused time is not feasible.

What you get:

We will bring chicks (usually a mixture of chickens, turkeys, and/or ducks), lamb(s), Goat(s),  piglet(s), and our bunnies. We also have a sanitation station, and treats to feed the animals!


A small hand washing station with soap and paper towels is also available for an additional $100 charge.

We will assist with interactions throughout the stay and answer any questions! 

Holding, petting, feeding and snuggles HIGHLY encouraged. Don't forget to take pictures!


Travel Guide: Due to the weight of hauling all of our animals at once, we charge $1.50 per mile one way from our farm in New Market for all  Petting Zoos.  

NOTE: The Minnesota Department of Health does not condone the use of hand sanitizer alone following a visit to a petting zoo.


*We do our best to bring any and all requested animals - However, sometimes they just don't want to participate and on those days we will choose to leave them at home and adjust our session with you as needed. 



The Root Pass Farm Class

$65 per half hour

Ideal for daycares and assisted living facilities with small groups.

*We do our best to bring any and all requested animals - However, sometimes they just don't want to participate and on those days we will choose to leave them at home and adjust our session with you as needed. 

What you get:

Our base price includes education and assisted interactions with live chicks (chickens and/or turkeys) or ducklings, and our yearling lamb.


We will hold, feed, and learn about each animal and what they produce. Cuddles and pictures encouraged!


Additional animals and experiences may be added for an additional charge.


Travel Guide: The first 25 miles are included in the price.  Additional distance is $1.10 per mile one way from our farm in New Market. 


🐦Animal Add Ons (upon availability – please inquire about options at time of reservation): Each animal interaction takes approximately 30 minutes.


 🐷Piglets: $45 for 2

🐐Goat: $30

🐰 Bunny:  $20 for 2 bunnies

 🐑 Extra Baby Lamb/goat: $25

Experience Add Ons:

📚Story Time: Additional $10

We will read a story to your group in an engaging and interactive circle time! We provide the storybook and keep the material relevant and age appropriate.

🎀Craft with the class: Additional $25-$40 depending on craft chosen and group size. (We provide the materials) Choose from: Birdhouse decorating, Rock animal painting, Paper plate suncatcher.

We will bring supplies suited to the age group you have. The craft will be something fun to do and they can take it home!


🌼Plant a flower or veggie to bring home: Additional $25 (We provide the supplies!)

We will plant flowers or veggies together and talk about how plants grow and how to take care of them. Each child will get to take their plant home with them.


🎋Souvenir for each child: Additional $12 per Reservation


This add-on is great if having a craft time isn’t appropriate for your group. We will bring a small memento for each child to bring home and talk about with their families! This will typically be an adult turkey feather and a Root Pass Farm Class sticker!


Our Farm Store

We sell a wide variety of farm grown and handmade goods. From our homegrown pork, produce, and seeds; to our handmade birdhouses, cutting boards and other fine gifts.

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Welcome to Root Pass Acres Farm.

Established by a desire for homesteading, community and self-sufficiency. Root Pass Acres began in 2019 and quite by accident. 

Jenny lived a mere 8ft away from the fella next door, smack dab in the middle of St. Paul, MN. It wasn't but a few short conversations and her heart was hooked on the idea of a life with him. Fast forward one year later and they've bought a house on some land and dug their first garden and added their first chickens.

In 2020, our dreams came true when we found out we were pregnant with our beautiful son, Henry. Jenny's idea of what she thought she wanted in life quickly changed from climbing a career ladder, to settling into being a mom and finding ways to spend more time doing what she loved, and not what she once thought she was supposed to do. That idea evolved into growing healthy food for her family and living a modern homesteading type existence. Not forgetting where she came from, she decided that the best way to live a beautiful life, is to share it with others through good food and beautiful connections.


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Sharing The Bounty

Rooting To End Food Insecurity by Sharing The Bounty.

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24170 Logan Ave,

Lakeville, MN 55044


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