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Each share requires a $100 non-refundable deposit which will go toward the total cost of your share.

Pork Shares - NOW Taking Reservations!

  • We raise purebred Glouchestershire Old Spot Pigs. The Gloucestershire Old Spots pig is known for its docility, intelligence, prolificity, and hardiness. Boars reach a mature weight of 600 lb and sows 500 lb.

    This breed almost became bred into extinction but is making a comeback as a popular family pig. Our Sow, Millie, and Boar, John, are both HUGE but incredibly friendly pigs. Millie is a great mother and John is ...well... kind of a lazy bum. But he makes cute kids! These are pigs I trust around my family and that are friendly with other animals on our farm - even letting our free range chickens rest on their backs, and nest in their pens.

    The meat produced from the GOS pigs is not your typical other white meat. Actually, it's not white at all - resembling more of a steak color with impressive marbling. GOS are whats referred to as a lard breed. They grow a nice fat cap which can be rendered into beautiful and healthy lard. The succulence and flavor sets their meat far apart from grocery store varities.

  • At Root Pass Acres, we believe that pole barns and stagnant air enclosures do not grow healthy or happy pigs. We strive to give our pigs a natural life with the freedom to root, wallow, and forage as pigs love to do. 

    What does that look like on the farm? We raise our pigs in the woods. They have ample space to frolic and jump around (which is hilarious to watch. You know a happy pig when you see one), they're exposed to fresh air 100% of their lives with us. They interact with other animals on the farm, receive pets and overall love; plenty of foodscraps and forage. We are partnered with a few places that save their foodscraps for us and the pigs love treat day!

    We feed our pigs locally milled grains from a local feed mill, and they have access to fresh water all day every day.  We love our animals and you're welcome to stop by and see just how happy they really are.

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